The Dragonflies of Lichfield

Survey Coverage


The survey covered the Lichfield District Council in south-east Staffordshire, the bulk of which falls within the Staffordshire Vice-county (39), denoted by the red dotted line on the map

Eleven members of LGSWT took part in the survey visiting 55 sites, most throughout Lichfield although a few were just outside the District boundary (40 1km squares covered, 35 in Lichfield) and 142 individual species records were made. This resulted in a species list of 18 species, although at this stage two cannot be accepted as definite.

Through liaison with the County Dragonfly Recorder areas not previously surveyed were targeted. This resulted in dragonflies being recorded in 24 1km squares in Lichfield where no records had previously existed.

Lichfield District

Lichfield District covers almost 33,000ha and includes the important settlements of Lichfield itself, Burntwood, Alrewas, Shenstone, Armitage and Handsacre

Staffordshire Ecological Record 2003
Last updated 12th November 2003