The Dragonflies of Lichfield



by Neil Collingwood, Staffordshire County Odonata Recorder

When, at the end of one of my regular slide-talks I informed the Lichfield Group of the SWT that their area suffered from a paucity of dragonfly records, little did I know what a dynamic group they were. Although I have made the same statement to groups in various other poorly recorded areas of the county, my audience has never before set out to change the situation. Hearty congratulations are due to Dave Jones and his team who put together a plan, obtained funding to purchase the required equipment, targeted a series of sites and then went out and surveyed them. In the process they made a couple of records which, if confirmed, could prove to be the most exciting dragonfly discoveries ever made in the county; even if not confirmed, their work has still been an invaluable start to monitoring dragonfly populations in the area. They prevailed upon Craig Slawson to produce this final report, which hopefully might encourage other groups to follow in their footsteps. My only regret is that I never actually made it out there to assist in their identifications but I would like to say a hearty thank you and well-done to everyone involved.

Staffordshire Ecological Record 2003
Last updated 12th November 2003