The Dragonflies of Lichfield

A Real Team Effort


by Dave Jones (Survey Co-ordinator)

Lichfield Group received an Awards For All Grant in June 2002 following the application for funding for a Dragonfly Project. Inspired by a comment from Neil Collingwood about a lack of recorders for dragonflies in this part of the county. This has been a real team effort, with work being done by the Trust and the Staffordshire Ecological Record on a paid basis, in addition to the field work done by the volunteers in their spare time.

We all feel that there is much more work still to be done, and we see this as an ongoing project that has the potential to add more to our knowledge over the next few years. The level of enthusiasm is high, and the skills are still improving. We have all learnt a lot and enjoyed being out in the countryside, studying such interesting creatures. Enough said!

Staffordshire Ecological Record 2003
Last updated 17th November 2003