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Butterflies and Moths: Downloads

Here are a number of useful files on Staffordshire Moths. They are in Excel and Adobe PDF format. For the latter you will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader, which is available free of charge. The abundance codes are an attempt to indicate how common a species is, and whether there is a need for some form of confirmation before a record can be accepted eg. a photo or specimen etc.

Title Excel (zipped) PDF Pdf.png
  • Atlas of Larger Moths of Staffordshire by D.W.Emley
N/A Download (3.3mb)
  • The Smaller Moths of Staffordshire Updated and Revised by D.W.Emley
N/A Download (3.9mb)
  • The Smaller Moths of Staffordshire by R.G.Warren
N/A Download (642kb)
  • Checklist of Staffs Moths with abundance codes in Bradley & Fletcher order[1]
Download (63kb) Download (69kb)
  • Checklist of Staffordshire Lepidoptera
Download (99kb) Download (64kb)
  • A list of ALL the British lepidoptera and their checklist codes
Download (411kb) Download (123kb)

Useful Articles

Guides courtesy of Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies Website


  1. This supercedes the previous two separate lists for Micros and Macros

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