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The Smaller Moths of Staffordshire


The Smaller Moths of Staffordshire - updated and revised edition
by Dave W. Emley, 2014

ISBN 978-1-910434-00-0

The Smaller Moths, or Micro-lepidoptera, constitute the larger part of our Lepidoptera yet, because of their small size and lack of illustrative material, they have often been ignored. The first edition of this booklet by Richard Warren was one of the first local faunas to cover the "micros". It is 25 years since it was produced and, following the introduction of several illustrative guides and handbooks, and the advent of the digital camera, interest in micros has boomed resulting in 143 species being added to the County list. Some of these are now widespread, yet were unknown to Richard!

This current work brings us up-to-date. It has no maps as these are readily available on-line but it gives an indication of their distribution by quoting the number of 10km squares recorded since 2000. It also indicates to the recorder how common or otherwise the species is.

Coverage of micros continues to be patchy but it is hoped that this new list will encourage further recording of these fascinating creatures.

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