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Butterflies and Moths: Useful Links

National Site

  • Butterfly Conservation's Moths Count Project  : Moths Count aims to encourage interest in moths throughout the UK and to establish an ongoing National Moth Recording Scheme to improve knowledge and conservation of the 900+ species of larger moths. National distribution maps can be viewed on their website


  • UK Moths : An indispensable site illustrating most of the UK's moth species.
  • British Leaf-miners : ongoing project to illustrate the UK's leaf-mining fauna.
  • Genitalia dissection group : a great development to make available photos of the genitalia of all the moths. </li>

Priority Species Factsheets

Butterfly Conservation have produced a excellent series of factsheets containing essential information to enable the practical conservation of the butterflies and moths listed as Priority Species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, covering those species that breed partly or wholly on agricultural land. They are available as downloads by clicking on the relevant species name in the list.


Adjoining Moth Groups

Recording Software

  • Mapmate : Leading recording software, used by many County Recorders.
  • DMAP : Distribution mapping software.

Book Sellers

Journals and Societies

Other Natural History Related Groups in our area

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