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Commercial Enquiries


The nature of supplying ecological information is a very difficult area to put fixed prices on, therefore SER supplies quotations on an individual enquiry basis, based on the following pricing structure.

SER does not charge for the data supplied, but does reserve the right to levy an administration charge for data searches and report production.

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The charges for commercial enquiries are normally based on the time required to complete the report following the table below (all prices exclude VAT):

Category Price[1][2]
Minimum charge (30 mins) 60UKP
Up to 1 hour 100UKP
Each subsequent hour 50UKP
Day rate 300UKP
Citations for non-statutory sites (not charged if no sites found) 40UKP
Approaching adj. LRC for cross boundary information (West Mids LRCs only)[3] 45UKP
Priority turnaround within two working days (not charged if turnaround not within specified timescale) 50UKP

Standard Commercial 'Products'

For the majority of enquiries, SER can supply the following information at standard prices, however, we reserve the right to quote different prices for non-standard enquiries or enquiries covering large areas (greater than 2km radius).

Option 1 (standard cost £60)

Species Search

  • A map showing the location of 100m precision records of UK & European protected species excluding badgers
  • Lists of UK/European protected species and UKBAP/NERC Priority Species in Excel® format, including badgers at reduced precision with a separate detailed list[4] of badgers for internal use only.

Specialized Species Searches:

1a - Bats only
1b - Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus) only
1c - Invasive Species (as an addition to the main listings - £20)

Option 2 (standard cost £60)

Site Search

  • A map showing the location of the data search indicating the location of statutory sites, together with the location and extent of non-statutory nature conservation sites including:
    1. Statutory: Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), National Nature Reserves (NNR), Local Nature Reserves (LNR)
    2. Non-statutory: Local Wildlife Sites[5] (LWS), Biodiversity Alert Sites (BAS), Local Geodiversity Sites[6] (LGS)
    3. Ancient Woodland Inventory sites (AWI)
  • A list of the sites shown on the map

Option 3 (standard cost £100)

A Combined Sites and Species Search

  • A combination of option 1 and option 2, Note: the sites and species maps will usually be combined as a single map

Option 4 (standard cost £100/140 depending on base option)

Citations for Non-statutory Sites

  • 4a - Base of option 2 plus citations for the non-statutory sites (£100)
  • 4b - Base of option 3 plus citations for the non-statutory sites (£140)

Option 5 (£45 supplement)

Cross-boundary Searches

  • If the client search area crosses the county boundary with one of the West Midlands' LRCs then we can offer to obtain the data from the adjacent LRC on the client's behalf
  • NOTE: This option is only available if the area in the adjacent county is less than 1km2


  1. All quoted prices are excluding VAT at the current rate
  2. The cost will be reduced by 40% of the original quotation if no data is found in the search
  3. This is only available where the area in the adjacent LRC is less than 1km²
  4. This detailed list is only supplied to bone fide ecological consultants
  5. In Staffordshire Local Wildlife sites are often termed Sites of Biological Importance (SBI).
  6. Local Geodiversity Sites were previously known as Regionally Important Geological/geomorphological Sites (RIGS) and may still be referenced as this in some documents.

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