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Dataset Metadata


Species Data used to answer enquiries is sourced from a variety of suppliers as follows, but not limited to:

  • Staffordshire Widlife Trust Surveyors
  • Natural England and Environment Agency Surveyors
  • County and National Recorders
  • The general public
  • online record via iRecord (note the quality of these data is poor and should not be relied upon in isolation)

These data are of varying precision, but for enquiries records poorer that 1km resolution are not included (these records are included in the online atlases) and can date back to the mid 1800s.

There is a detailed breakdown of the SER Dataholdings here.


Local Wildlife Sites are exclusively designated by the Wildlife Sites Partnership, comprising officers from the County Council, Local Authorities, Wildlife Trust, Defra and SER. Most sites are surveyed by qualified surveyors employed by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, however, sites with a good amount of relevant data will be considered for grading from other organisations.

Geology sites are designated by the county council following recommendations by GeoConservation Staffordshire.


Most habitat mapping is a direct result of the Local Wildlife Site Surveys above, but these are supplemented by aerial photography interpretation (mainly from the 2010 25cm resolution data)

Additionally data is extracted from maps in consultancy reports and other relevant documents

Normally the Phase 1 habitat system is used, but NVC data is included and for the production of finished maps NVC data is translated to Phase 1 (or the nearest equivalent) to produce 'seamless' maps

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