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Dragonflies: Further Reading


In recent years, a number of very good books have been produced on dragonflies, particularly identification.

Corbet, PS Longfield, C & Moore, NW (1960) Dragonflies; New Naturalist Series, Collins
Not an identification guide, but a detailed discussion of the habit and life cycles of dragonflies.
Hammond, CO (1983) The Dragonflies of Great Britain and Ireland (2nd Ed.) Harley Books
This is an updated edition of the definitive guide to British dragonflies, beautifully illustrated throughout with paintings and including detailed keys for identification.
McGeeney, A (1986) A Complete Guide to British Dragonflies Jonathan Cape
A book fully illustrated with photographs and including keys to the identification of adults and nymphs.
Miller, PL (1995) Dragonflies; Naturalists' Handbook Series, Richmond Publishing
A small easily used fieldguide, illustrated with paintings.

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