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Grasshoppers: Introduction

Our native fauna

The UK native Orthoptera fauna is only 27 species represented by grasshoppers, true crickets, bush-crickets, cockroaches, and groundhoppers. They occupy a range of habitats from grasslands, coastlines, scrubland, woodland, heathland and wet mires. Being a small group found in a range of habitat types makes them an ideal introductory insect group for beginners. Most are relatively straightforward to identify, with a bit of practice. In Staffordshire this list is much shorter with just 13 with a possible 14th. species though this may be an erroneous record.

The Orthoptera of the UK and particularly Staffordshire is under-recorded. Even some of our spectacular bush-crickets in Staffordshire are not recorded very frequently.

Long-winged Cone-head (Conocephalus discolor) female © Andy Jukes
Speckled Bush-cricket (Leptophyes punctatissima) © Andy Jukes

Get involved

If you have an interest in the outdoors, wildlife and sunny days then there is no finer way to spend some time than walking through a meadow or heathland listening and searching for Orthoptera. The Staffordshire Invertebrate Group (SIG) is the ideal avenue to get involved and learn about insects, including the Orthoptera. SIG can provide all the help you need to study and record these fascinating insects, why not to join...its free! Contact SER to be added to the list and join in on Facebook!

Orthoptera Resources


United Kingdom

The Orthoptera Recording Scheme has some excellent information and photographs. There is also some audio to listen to. In fact, most Orthoptera are easier to identify from the songs they make (well I think so).




  • ASCETE: Association pour la Caractérisation et l'etude des Entomocénoses (The association for Orthopterists and Entomologists) - www.ascete.org

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