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The Ecological Record co-ordinates the Staffordshire Biological Recording Scheme, which provides assistance to a number of local groups. Many of these groups are also involved with national schemes analyzing the U.K. distribution of certain species.

Recording Projects

Occasionally SER will team up with local groups to concentrate recording on a particular species or group of species. The following are either complete or in progress, if you wish to find out more information, follow the link, or go to the 'SIGHTINGS' page to send us a record:

  1. Staffordshire BAP Priority Species (1998 on-going)
  2. Staffordshire Moorlands Garden Bird Survey (2002 finished)
  3. Staffordshire Moorlands Tree Sparrow Survey (2003 finished)
  4. Lichfield Dragonfly Survey (2002/3 finished)
  5. Hedgehogs (2009 on-going)
  6. Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner (2010 on-going)

SER is also responsible for maintaining the Geological Records Centre (GRC).

If you wish to notify SER of any sighting(s), please go to the 'SIGHTINGS' page.

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