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Spiders: Introduction

The atlas has been compiled from the records of the Spider Recording Scheme for Staffordshire, the local section of the National Scheme organised by the British Arachnological Society in collaboration with the national Biological Records Centre at Monks Wood. This publication follows the Watsonian Vice-county of Staffordshire (VC39) for the extent of recording, however some records from the Tamworth area (ex-Warwickshire VC38) are within modern Staffordshire and have been included.


At the end of 1999, the Spider Recording Scheme finished its fieldwork for the forthcoming national atlas of Spiders. As a result, I decided to use the Staffordshire data to produce an on-line atlas of Spiders of the Vice-county of Staffordshire (VC39), including most of modern Staffordshire together with parts of Birmingham and the Black Country, notably, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Walsall and West Bromwich.

This atlas is an extension of the "Checklist of the Spiders of Staffordshire" (1991) published by the Staffordshire Biological Records Centre - this listed c370 species of spider for Staffordshire, the list has now exceeded 400 species, although there are a few from a list early last Century by L.A.Carr (Transactions of the North Staffordshire Field Club) which are somewhat suspect and though included here, there is some doubt as to their authenticity.

Although we have tried to cover the whole of Staffordshire during the survey, the coverage has not been even throughout. The map to the left shows the numbers of species found in each 10km square - the larger the dot, the more species found. The very large dot for SK10 is due to the work of L.A.Carr mentioned above.

Printing of this publication for educational purposes is permitted, provided that copies are not made or distributed for commercial gain, and the title of the publication and its date appear. To copy otherwise, or to republish, requires specific permission from the Author or Staffordshire Ecological Record.

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