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Staffordshire Moth Group


The Staffordshire Moth Group is devoted to the study, recording and, above all, enjoyment of moths and butterflies in the vice-county of Staffordshire. Much of the information used to produce the maps in this atlas is based on the work of members of this Group.

If you are new to moths then you might find the Getting Started (Moths) section of use. If you are a seasoned moth hunter then the distribution maps might spur you on to greater things!

Dave Emley - County Moth Recorder.


The only way to learn is to meet other people. The Staffordshire Moth Group's electronic newsgroup has been set up for this purpose. If you are holding a mothing evening then advertise it on the E-group. Likewise, if you have a problem moth then why not post a photo to the E-group.

The E-group is set up under Yahoo and membership is by invitation only. That we we can reduce the amount of spam. If you join the group then you can elect to receive messages by email or you can visit the Yahoo Group site and read them there. There is a full archive of past messages. There is also space for uploading photos and files too.

If you are interested in joining then contact Dave Emley - County Moth recorder.


County Moth Recorder Staffordshire Ecological Record
Dave Emley
William Smith Building
Keele University
Tel (9am-5pm) : 01782 733617
email: recorder@staffsmoths.org.uk
Craig Slawson
Ecological Records Officer
Staffordshire Ecological Record,
The Wolseley Centre,
Wolseley Bridge,
ST17 0WT
Tel: 01889 880100
Fax: 01889 880101
E-mail: info@staffs-ecology.org.uk
Potteries Museum and Art Gallery Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
Natural History Unit
Bethesda Street,
Tel: 01782 232323
Fax: 01782 232500
Email : museums@stoke.gov.uk
The Wolseley Centre
Wolseley Bridge
ST17 0WT
Tel: 01889 880100
Fax: 01889 880101
Email: info@staffs-wildlife.org.uk



Thanks to Craig Slawson of SER for hosting these pages and for setting up the atlas; and to Darren Taylor who designed our logo.

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