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Categories for 2015

Overall Winner (and joint winner in UK Category)

Odynerus melanocephalus
9 Odynerus melanocephalus by Ed Phillips

Photographs Section 1: Staffordshire

The Staffordshire section winner

Megachile centuncularis leaving Cosmos
11 Megachile centuncularis leaving Cosmos by Ed Phillips

Other entrants

Photographs Section 2: United Kingdom

The UK section joint winners

Dune Chafer
4 Dune Chafer by Jon Moore
Dotted Footman (Pelosia muscerda) in dew
7 Dotted Footman (Pelosia muscerda) in dew by Craig Slawson
Odynerus melanocephalus
9 Odynerus melanocephalus by Ed Phillips
Tabanus bromius
19 Tabanus bromius by Roy Gillibrand
Other entrants

Photographs Section 3: Open 2015

The Open 2015 section winner

Leaf Cutter Bee (Megachile willughbiella
17 Leaf Cutter Bee (Megachile willughbiella) by Stephen Boulton

Other entrants

Photographs Section 4: Full Open

The Full Open section winner

Sand Spider (Arctosa littoralis)
12 Sand Spider (Arctosa littoralis) by Nick Mott

Other entrants


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