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Searching for the small blue

SIG has been undertaking a search for the UKBAP small blue butterfly in the Staffordshire Moorlands. We have identified suitable sites that hold good quantities of its larval foodplant (kidney vetch) and are now in a position to try to find the butterfly. Whilst searching for the small blue we have also found other butterflies including new sites for the dingy skippers.

Below is Dave Skingsley at one of the identified sites looking at the spectacular flora found in this area of Staffordshire. This site had a great population of dingy skipper and common blue butterflies and also lots of uncommon plants such as common twayblade, columbine and toothwort.

2012 will see a concerted push to establish the presence or absence of this butterfly in north Staffordshire. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to help with this survey.

Hornet robberfly search

Andy Jukes and Malcolm Smart spent a sunny afternoon in late August roaming the horse paddocks of north Worcestershire in search of the illusive hornet robberfly (Asilus crabroniformis). Only 1 female was found at its historic "stronghold" at Hurcott Pastures. No evidence could be found at the time of this spectacular fly in other fields. More survey work will be done again next year. Get in touch to help out!

Dave at honeyhole.jpg

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