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SIG remit

  • Survey and record site(s) for invertebrates to increase understanding and knowledge of them within the county
  • Highlight site(s) which are important for invertebrates to relevent organisations via the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) Grading Committee
  • Survey one SWT reserve per year as a group. This is to include at least one planned day for all SIG members who wish to attend. All other visits are at the discretion of the individuals and should invlove liason with SIG Secretary. A SIG reserves report compiler will collate information gathered in order for SIG to comment on management plans for each SWT reserves visited.
  • Introduce new members to SIG and encourage them to become involved in recording and serveying

SIG officers:

Chairman -Andy Jukes, (
  • To chair and organise meetings
Secretary - David Skingsley, (
Staffordshire University, Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Sciences, Leek Road, Stoke-on-Trent. ST4 2DF Tel: 01782 295757,
  • To take and issue meeting minutes
  • To act as new members contact
  • To compile annual newsletter
  • To develop external contacts
Record Compiler - Craig Slawson, (
Staffordshire Ecological Record, The Wolseley Centre, Wolseley Bridge, Stafford. ST17 0WT Tel: 01889 880100
  • To receive and collate all records annually via contact with SER
  • To liaise with County Recorders
  • To forward records to Grading Committee
  • To receive and collate all records from annual survey site
  • To produce site report including habitat management recommendations to SWT via SER
SIG panel members (all have wide natural history knowledge but specialise in certain families)
Simon Phipps (Lepidoptera), Malcom Smart (Diptera), Dave Skingsley ( Diptera and Mollusca), Craig Slawson (Arachnids), Eric Brown (Coleoptera), Mike Bloxham (Diptera), Roy Gillibrand (Mollusca), John Stanney (Arachnids), Dave Grundy (Lepidoptera), Dave Emley (Diptera and Lepidoptera), Neil Collingwood (Odonata), Richard Tribbeck (Freshwater groups), Phil Smith (Coleoptera), Peter Dedicoat (Lepidoptera), Dave Budworth (Hemiptera)

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