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About SIG

SIG is a group of invertebrate enthusiasts with a breadth and depth of knowledge covering many invertebrate groups from bees to molluscs and from novice to expert. Meetings are informal and purely a chance for like-minded folk to get together. Anybody is free to join in, there is no membership fee, all you need to bring is your interest and enthusiasm.

We are now on Facebook so go and check us out on there for up-to-date discussions and photos.

Latest News- 20/12/12

A review of members' photographs from the last year!

Previous News

Feb 2012

A great meeting on Tuesday night with excellent talks by Phil Playford from Staffs WT on the work they are doing for invertebrates at Highgate Common and Sarah Henshall from Buglife on her work and the work of Buglife on brownfield sites around the country. Bit concerning to hear that there is a 50% loss of brownfield sites in the Thames Gateway in just 3 years..and it is supposed to be UKBAP and we are in an economic downturn. I'm gonna hate to see what the stats are in 10 years during a growth. First event of the year will be searching for Colletes cunicularius in staffs and Worcs. Details to follow on this and other field meetings nearer the time. The meeting minutes will be up on here shortly. Keep and eye open on the events section as well for regular updates on field meetings. these are also updated regularly on the Facebook page.


Many of the group are active recorders and numerous are the county contact for invertebrate groups including bees and wasps, dragonflies and damselflies, hoverflies, craneflies and spiders. All these records are passed on to Staffordshire Ecological Record (SER) where SIG members have contributed to over 500,000 invertebrate records in Staffordshire.

All invertebrate records should go to the Staffordshire Ecological Record (SER Email: first and then these can be sent to the County Recorders for confirmation via the SIG Record Compiler (C. Slawson). SER is the county body responsible for collating records and forwarding them on to the SWT Grading Committee and other relevant organisations.

Field Meetings - 2012

Weather permitting, the group tries to undertake field surveys during the spring and summer. These are in geographical areas of interest or to target key species or groups that need attention such as the small blue (Cupido minimus) and this year (2012) there will be a focus on Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) to help complete coverage of the UK atlas. Very often field meetings are simply an excuse to amble about a nice area of the countryside photographing and recording invertebrates.

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Conops vesicularis

Over the past few years we have been targeting the small blue. This scarce UKBAP butterfly is not known from Staffordshire but certain areas offer potential for this species. We have surveyed a number of sites to date and identified potential sites to revisit at the appropriate flight time of the butterfly. In 2012, we hope to be able to search for this species in earnest in the Staffordshire Moorlands and South-West Peak such as the Manifold valley.

Another area of study is assisting the British Dragonfly Society complete much needed fieldwork in Staffordshire to discover what species are in the county and how abundant they are. Will be starting to survey for these in May in the border areas between Staffordshire and Shropshire. This area also has few records for a range of other groups including hoverflies so we will be recording these as well.

Anybody is welcome to attend these field or indoor meetings. To find out more please email Andy Jukes to find out more and how you can get involved.

Indoor Meetings

We have a twice yearly indoor meeting, normally this falls in December and February (AGM). These indoor meetings take the form of a general discussion about invertebrates, talks from members and also presentation of any interesting species recorded or collected during the year. The December or Christmas meeting has become a much anticipated meeting where members bring food and we view photos and specimens of exciting finds during the year. This is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to find out the identity of problematic specimens or learn about new groups.

SIG Officers

for more information on role responsibilities, SIG remit and panel members see Information in Archive

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