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Categories for 2015

Overall Winner (and joint winner in UK Category)

Odynerus melanocephalus
9 Odynerus melanocephalus by Ed Phillips

Photographs Section 1: Staffordshire

The Staffordshire section winner

Megachile centuncularis leaving Cosmos
11 Megachile centuncularis leaving Cosmos by Ed Phillips

Photographs Section 2: United Kingdom

The UK section joint winners

Dune Chafer
4 Dune Chafer by Jon Moore
Dotted Footman (Pelosia muscerda) in dew
7 Dotted Footman (Pelosia muscerda) in dew by Craig Slawson
Odynerus melanocephalus
9 Odynerus melanocephalus by Ed Phillips
Tabanus bromius
19 Tabanus bromius by Roy Gillibrand
Other entries

Photographs Section 3: Open 2015

The Open 2015 section winner

Leaf Cutter Bee (Megachile willughbiella
17 Leaf Cutter Bee (Megachile willughbiella) by Stephen Boulton

Other entries

Photographs Section 4: Full Open

The Full Open section winner

Sand Spider (Arctosa littoralis)
12 Sand Spider (Arctosa littoralis) by Nick Mott

Other entries


Important Changes for 2015

Owing to the lack of entrants in the past two years, it has been decided to drop the 'World' category. This is to be replaced by two open categories as follows:

  • 2015 Open category
    the rules are fairly straight forward, the only restrictions are
    1. Each entrant is again limited to three photographs
    2. All photographs must be taken during 2015
    3. The only manipulation which is not allowable is photo-montaging, i.e. the position of elements in the photograph must be unchanged. Stacking to increase depth-of-field is acceptable.
  • Full Open category
    this is basically the same as the 2015 Open, but there is no restriction on the date of the photograph. The only additional restrictions are:
    1. the photograph must not have been entered in any previous SIG Photo competition
    2. entry is limited to two photographs

General Rules

  • All photographs must have been taken in this current year (2015), except for the 'Full Open' category.
  • Each entrant is limited to 3 photographs (2 in the full open category) in each category, giving a maximum of 11 photographs can be entered.
  • If you post images to the competition, we would like you to come to the meeting - it would be great to see new faces.
  • Prizes can only be claimed by attendees to the meeting. If the winner is not in attendance, the next highest placed photo will be deemed the winner and given the prize.


  • All images will all be set to 1,000px long axis resolution by the webmaster so those with nifty cameras don't gain unfair advantage due to image quality
  • In the 'Staffordshire' and 'UK' categories, no digital editing or enhancements are allowed with the exception of cropping - therefore no boosting of contrast, sharpening, etc.
  • In the open categories, digital editing is allowable, but photo-montaging is not acceptable


  • The criteria for voting is broad. It is not necessarily the "rarest" or most spectacular invertebrate you may want to vote for. it could be the composition or behaviour of the invertebrate you like. These are all valid votes.
  • You may vote for one photograph in each section.
  • Please do not vote for any of your own photographs.
  • The final vote for the best overall photograph will take place at the SIG Meeting on November 27th. 2015 where the four winners from each section will be judged.
  • Survey Monkey will be used to run the voting, the results will not be visible during the competition, but will be available on request after the SIG meeting


  • November 16th. 2015 - All photos are to be submitted to Craig by November 16th. 2015 They will then be resized by the webmaster and uploaded to a website. The webmaster will supply the link at a later date, including voting notes
  • November 17th. 2015 - hopefully they should go "live" for voting on this date. You will be notified when it is up and running
  • November 25th. 2015 (3.30pm) - voting closes
  • November 27th. 2015 - results and winning images shown at the SIG meeting followed by a heartily round of applause and adulation

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