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Data Search Request Form

  Commercial Enquiries


The form below will enable you to request a data-search by SER, most of it is self-explanatory. If you cannot complete the form, or your enquiry doesn't fit into the categories on the form, please don't hesitate to contact us directly on enquiries@staffs-ecology.org.uk with your requirements and we will try to accommodate your needs.

On receipt of the completed form, SER will normally endeavor to raise a quotation for the work (including your completed form in the reply) within 2 working days of receipt, if you waived the need for a quotation, a copy of your form will be returned within 2 working days, please check it carefully, if there are any errors, please contact us ASAP on enquiries@staffs-ecology.org.uk to ensure we complete the work to your specification.

For details of the following costs, please refer to the price list[1][2]:

Please Note: Staffordshire extends into the Peak District National Park, and whilst there is no LERC specifically for the PDNP it is a separate Local Authority which is not presently part of the SER Partnership. Therefore the Authority may hold records in addition to those held by SER and it may be necessary to approach the Peak Park Authority for information - www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/planning

Please also Note: Until the end of June enquiries may take a little longer than normal to complete owing to Staffs holiday, etc. We will, however, endeavour to complete enquiries within a reasonable time and if there is to be a significant delay, the client will be notified at the time of costing the search.

  • Option 1: £60 excl VAT
  • Option 2: £60 excl VAT
  • Option 3: £100 excl VAT
  • Option 4: £100/£140 excl VAT


  1. All quoted prices exclude VAT
  2. The prices quoted are standard costs, SER reserves the right to quote higher prices if the request is considered over the "standard" enquiry
  1. The information supplied on this form will be stored in a secure database and used to monitor usage of SER and for raising invoices

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